Andrea Nagel is a German photographer renowned for her dramatic landscapes, seascapes and passionate portraits, her signature style is both spiritual, well defined, and sometimes quirky, with an ability to draw out the deepest characteristics of her many genres of style.

Andrea Nagel was born Andrea Sipka, on the 13th of January 1960 in
Salzburg Austria. After completing six years gymnasium in 1976,
she found a small creative opening in the German Advert-
ising agency Hengstenberg in Munich as a graphic texter.
It was to be her first step on the road to finding her true
artistic spirit. These years in Munich were rewarding,
defining her graphic knowledge and style, which
were to serve her well later in her career.

Sadly though, at this time losing her supportive
father meant she would have to fend for herself, so
in 1979 utilising her natural good looks and charis-
ma she embarked on a career as a fashion model with
Petra Niemann in Munich. During the next five years,
she was to work for many fashion magazines, covers
and catalogues around Europe, predominately, in Ger-
many and Italy.

It was to be a revelation, as these years standing in front of the cam-
era were to lead her to a lifelong love and interest in photography and a dream to be behind the camera herself. Soon she became engrossed in the photographic medium as an art form and visual expression. However, this hidden talent and dream would have to wait as in 1985 her daughter Sabrina was born.

As mother’s demands consumed her life the next years, her creative
ambitions were put on hold. But in 1990 with Sabrina in school
she found graphic work with the advertising agents Zie-
gler, AGW and Heinroth working with clients like
Möbel Unger, Möbelhaus Inhofer and a special
project with BMW and Karl Lagerfeld.

The nineties saw her experimenting and ex-
pressing her creative talent in many fields of
work, from her own advertising agency La Li-
nea in Munich, to working with Getty Images,
the Deutsches Museum and Loden Frey amongst
others and venturing into an events service com-
pany called Freudenfeste.

In 2003, her architectural and concept/design talents
were to be called on with a coproject with her then hus-
band Tom Nagel in the Hotel Cuna Del Angel an amazing
four-star hotel bordering the beach and jungle near the town of
Dominical in Costa Rica. This creative project was to be a pinnacle
point in her career but sadly, also in her personal life as after its completion
in 2005 she returned to Munich.


In 2006 she separated from her partner of thirteen years but with a strong will and determination to reinvent herself. It was now that all of her many creative talents would be awoken and focused together, when in that year she moved from Munich to Las Palmas, Spain.

Here she was to spend over one year renovating and painstakingly reconstructing the Casa el Siroco, a two hundred year old schoolhouse in the mountain village of Mogan. This house was to be another pinnacle point in her career with Lonely Planet and GEO Magazine referring to it as “It must be the most charming house in southern Gran Canaria“.

During her years spent on Gran Canaria, she had often taken refuge in the small village of El Cotillo, on the island of Fuerteventura. Here she would take holidays and breaks away from life’s stressful moments and enjoy the closeness to nature she often found on the island.

Visiting the island again in 2008 was to be the deciding moment that finally led her back to her dream to be a photographer. The dream she had from all those years before. Finally, in June of 2012, she decided to leave Las Palmas selling her house in Mogan and move to El Cotilo, Fuerteventura, where she now resides and works as a freelance photographer.